Your Plants for Life

This year, everyone has been hopping on the plant mom trend. It gives homes a boho, biophilic feel. Biophilic design gives homes a contemporary interpretation of the natural world within your home. If you would like to learn more about it, read about it on DF's Biophilic Design blog post here. If you are like many others, where keeping plants alive is a constant struggle but you want to fill your home with greenery for the sake of aesthetic, our selection of Silk-ka faux plants might be just what you need.

These are plants that never need to be watered, never need sunlight, and never go out of style. Silk-ka creates silk plants that are hyperrealistic and provide your home with the warm glow you are searching for without the hassle. The story of Silk-ka started over 25 years ago. Patrick, the founder of Silk-ka was the son of a florist and he was passionate about flower arrangements. He became internationally recognized and eventually decided to take it to the next level - by creating flower arrangements from silk. 

Engage yourself in Patrick's passion and immerse yourself in the world of Silk-ka from your own home. Every season, a new collection of plants comes to surface just for you. Plants are a great addition to an interior year round. They brighten up a space with touches of color and life. Scatter your home with plants, add them to your cozy corner. Since these plants are faux, you don't need to worry about making sure they have access to sunlight. Next time you're looking to fill your home with green, opt for the long lasting option- Silk-ka has plants here for the long run. 



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