A Mid Century Modern Fall

It is that time of the year again. It's calm before the holidays and you are spending this time cozying up on the couch with a warm cup of tea. The leaves are finally beginning to change color and you are ready to get inspired by the changing world around you. We have the newest fall interior design trends right here to share with you! The main goal is to immerse yourself in "hygge," a danish word meaning the embodiment of 'comfort and coziness'.  

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall" - Oscar Wilde 

COZY CORNERS | One of 2020's newest additions to a fall home is what is now called a cozy corner." A cozy corner is essentially a lounging area, or an area to rest in. It could be a reading nook as well. Use fall fabrics such as bouclé and florals to give a soft yet comfortable feeling in your space. Velvet is also a great choice for this time of year that never goes out of style. Accent your space with a few warm metals too.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPACES | Since many people are now spending their time indoors and with winter along the way, they will be shifting towards indoor activities more than ever. This fall, focus on making your living spaces into multifunctional spaces. Convert parts of the living room into your cozy corner, or an office space. Make a clutter free workout station or meditation area. Use storage and clean lines.

ORGANIC SHAPES | Counter the harshness of the square rooms with some natural color and shape in the furniture. Mid-century modern is one design style that is perfect to run your own interpretation of during the fall. Curved sofas and round wooden stools are perfect additions to a cozy space. 

Our collection of fall items combines the modern with the ordinary, and transforms it into innovative styles perfect for your fall home. Natural woods combined with soft textures, curvy furniture pieces, and neutral earth tones create a breezy ambiance for your space. Spend time browsing, exploring and getting inspired by our brands and their unique items. Embrace "hygge" and find comfort in your home.







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