Your Biophilic Home | Contemporary Dutch Designs

With all of us spending more time indoors, bring nature into your home by incorporating biophilic design principles and using it to brighten your space. While simply adding a few potted plants can be nice, this design technique takes your interiors to the next level with its contemporary interpretation of the natural world. 

Your Biophilic Home | Contemporary Dutch Designs

 I am not trying to imitate nature, I am trying to find the principles she is using.

- Buckminster Fuller


Your Biophilic Home | Contemporary Dutch Designs




Living Walls & Natural Light

Bring greenery into your home in a creative way! Using plants to decorate your walls is an elegant touch to your home that is modern and connects you with nature. Use your green thumb to care and love for your plants! 




C U L T I V A T E   A   H U M A N  -  N A T U R E   R E L A T I O N S H I P





Natural Textures

You want to take every opportunity to connect yourself with the natural world when practicing biophilic design. Go for the jute rug or rattan chair. Bamboo and natural wood are great for playing with textures as well and will always give your space a calming feel. Keep it simple and let the materials speak for themselves.






Organic Shapes 

When you refer to shapes as being organic, it means they are forms you could find yourself seeing in nature or those that don't have a particular shape. This could be a carved object with different forms on it or even a table cut from a log that is not perfectly round. Embrace imperfection and unique forms. 



S H O P   B I O P H I L I C 


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