Our Brand of the Month: Dutchbone

We are excited to announce that October's Brand of the Month is Dutchbone!  They are a modern and contemporary brand that is visually stylish in its delivery. The Dutchbone collection brings a fresh look to the interior design world. With a combination of cultural awareness and a focus on a vintage appeal with modern details, Dutchbone emphasizes on new and old with effortless ease.


“We are Dutchbone. We love furniture. Globally inspired interiors. Products with a soul. Products with a signature. Products we discover on our travels. Inspired by the colors of the earth. Found stories that deserve to be told. Our collection is a meticulous combination of craftsmanship and industrial production. An affordable collection in constant motion. Whether you live in a New York loft, in an Amsterdam houseboat or in the countryside, we always have something that’s just right for you. We are Dutchbone.”

Dutchbone delivers truly unique interior pieces made to capture a moment in time. Dutchbone is your choice for inspired living! They often get asked how they put together collections. Or rather, what is the golden ratio of a Dutchbone product. They get inspired by traveling to other countries and gathering inspiration from different cultures and paying homage to craftsmanship of both past and present.

The amazing part about Dutchbone is that their entire collection has a story to tell. They travel, explore, and never leave empty handed. Inspired by the world around them, the Dutchbone team works to design products that innovate and involve collaboration with people from all walks of life. 

Dutchbone contains Chairs, Tables, Cabinets, Lighting, and more, bringing a range of styles that can adorn as well as bring a vision of luxury to your space. Dutchbone is a dynamic label focused on development, import and wholesale of globally inspired products.