Mixing Metals

What once was considered taboo, is now seen as modern and contemporary. Mixing metals is one new design trend that is here to stay. Push boundaries with your interiors and play with different metals, and remember to utilize their tones to create a space that is unique and pleasing to the eye. Our Mixed Metals Collection has a wide range of different pieces from a variety of innovative Dutch brands that have perfected the craft of creating metal products.








Warm & Cool Metals

Knowing the difference between what metals are warm and which are cool is imperative to your journey of the mixed metals interior style. Brass, gold, and copper are considered warm metals and they pair beautifully with spaces that utilize warm colors such as beiges and yellows. Cool metals would be stainless steel, chrome, and silver and would naturally go well with different cool tones such as blues and greens. You want to create a balance when you begin working with more than one kind of metal.








Choosing Your Dominant Metal

The dominant metal that you choose will be used more so than the secondary metal you decide on. You want one metal to be a bit more present than the other. You can use this one for larger pieces of furniture or lighting so that is is very apparent in the space. Play with the way you want to incorporate the metals and how you want it to be spread out in your home.












This is where the secondary metal comes in very useful. Use small pieces of furniture or home decor to take advantage of your secondary metal. You may even want to find objects that contain both metals for decorating to bring the two together more fully. It makes a huge impact and will elevate your interior if done properly.









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