A Summer of Boho Chic


This summer we are embracing all things carefree, relaxed and unusual with our newest Boho Chic Collection. Let's dive into bohemian interiors with gusto and think outside the box. This style can be done so many ways and we are here to tell you what you need to know when it comes to all things boho chic. 
Bohemian style is a mixture of the hippie and the modern - and always includes greenery. It’s all about being bold and going wherever the wind takes you. Use bold colors, different patterns, and lots of metals. 

C O L O R   O U T S I D E   T H E   L I N E S   T H I S   S U M M E R 




Earthy Vibes 

Nothing says boho chic more than letting yourself be inspired by the natural elements around you. Fill your space with some good energy by using plants that are cute and easy to care for. Sit them on your windowsill to feel the sun or on a multi-level end table for a more modern feel. Succulents, aloe, and ferns are great ways to add greenery to your home, especially when you do not have a green thumb!







Indulge in Metallics 

Mixing metals is one of the newest summer trends we are diving into this year. What really makes it work well is when you mix warm and cool metals. Play with warm metals like gold, brass, and nickel and cool ones such as silver and chrome. The combination of the two balances the two out and prevents your space from appearing outdated. Another great tip is to use natural iron as a neutral. Metals and greenery are the look to have at home this summer.





Embrace the Unusual 

You have the chance to mix and match in your space! Go for some bold colors and take a chance with that funky table - release your inner child and have fun with your decor. On the left you can see an exciting assortment of accent stools by Pols Potten and they are the perfect addition to a modern take on a Bohemian interior.  





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