Whether you're snuggling on the couch, sharing stories over dinner or simply spending time together, your home can be a romantic place that makes daily moments feel more special.

This Valentine’s day, experience love and warmth in a new way by doing a stylish makeover throughout the house. Dutch Furniture brings you European luxury pieces that are uniquely designed to last through every life’s moments.

The dreamy
Love Collection is filled with trendy furniture, lighting and décor that you will fall head over heels with. This exclusive selection is by the high-end brands By-Boo, Pols Potten, Zuiver, Bold Monkey and many more.

Spark up the LOVE with these designer-approved interior ideas:

1. Layer Textures. What better way to create a snuggle-worthy ambience than adding luxurious textures? Use plush fabrics in your upholstered furniture like this velvet Franky bar stools by Dutchbone, My Lover and Bestfriend ottoman by Bold Monkey or the bouclé St. Moritz lounge chair by Rivièra Maison. Add chic throw pillows (see: Cloud by Zuiver and Geometric by Pols Potten) for extra softness.

2. Choose soft hues. Colors set the mood for an interior so make sure you choose a palette that fosters tranquility. For a serene, romantic atmosphere, calming neutrals, soft pinks, and other muted shades are all excellent options. Consider the exquisite sectional sofa Fat Freddy from Zuiver which is available in neutral tones for your living room. How about throwing in this carefree Knitted cotton pouf by Label51 for added fluffiness?

3. Brighten the space. A bright room has a certain allure that kindles passion. Make sure your home has adequate light to create the impression of a romantic haven. Incorporate floor and ceiling lights that cast a soft glow across the room. Check out the Charlie and Full Moon floor lamp for elegant contemporary mood.

4. Add Decorative Items. Nothing evokes romantic flair in interior design more than a sprinkle of chic embellishments. Create a lighthearted feminine air with this hand-painted porcelain vase by Pols Potten, fill it with flowers to elevate its charm. You can also add calming wall decors like the Kyoto  and Ato artwork.

Find special pieces in The Love Collection and get 20% off when you use the code LOVE upon checkout! This sweet Valentine treat will be up until February 14.  

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