Design Trend Highlight: Eclectic Maximalism
This year will bring about an increase in maximalist and eclectic settings, where the owner’s strong personality will take center stage. The design world will highlight a rich blend of culture, history and the luxuries of different eras.

Eclectic Maximalism allows you to embody a deep appreciation of colors, exuberance and all the beauty that life has to offer. This trend is now taking on a bolder shape as we embrace everything extraordinary.

Dutch Furniture specializes in curating unique and quirky furniture, lighting and decor. This month, it features the mesmerizing Eclectic Maximalism Collection from exceptional brands Bold Monkey, Dutchbone, Pols Potten and more.

Expect anything-but-basic pieces that will embolden your interior design.

3 Easy Ways To Create An Eclectic Maximalist Home

1. Choose A Color Scheme.
Eclectic maximalism is all about vibrant hues but make sure you stick to a complementary palette so the overall aesthetic will not appear chaotic. Instead of painting the whole place, try making an accent wall and go from there. Start small and add some pops of colors.

Emerald green looks glorious with black and gold accents. The Optical carpet by Pols Potten is a sumptuous canvas for an eclectic home. You'll also love the Ava Morgana bar cabinet by Bold Monkey and the green velvet Flower accent chair by Dutchbone.

2. Determine A Focal Piece. While eclectic maximalism is a coalescence of ornate artworks, magnificent decors, shapes and patterns, having a focal point makes the whole look more cohesive. 

This Gold Alligator Statue by Bold Monkey commands attention and will give an exotic ambience in any room. The Proudly Crowned Panther floor lamp and the Dope As Hell coffee table both makes a great statement.

3.  Channel Your Personality. Your space is an extension of who you are so pour your heart out and make it a place of love, artfulness and joy. The Volan console table and Denza sideboard by Dutchbone provide avant-garde storage spaces and surfaces to flaunt memorable photo frames or sentimental items.

When creating your very own eclectic maximalist haven, what's important is you follow your desire and have fun with the process. Check out our sublime collection to spark your creativity!

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