Mid Century Modern Mania
Mid-Century Modern is a term that defines an era. Coined in 1984 by Cara Greenberg for her book, “Midcentury Modern: Furniture of the 1950s,” this line of furniture has grown a huge cult following in the design and mainstream world. Mid-Century Modern furniture describes architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the mid 20th century. During this time there was a modernist movement that is rooted in the Industrial Revolution by the end of the 19th century.

Mid-Century Modern style incorporates clean lines, geometric shapes, and furniture that brings a retro feel to the traditional modern style. Certain materials are often used in the Mid-Century Modern style including wood and tweed. These elements help bring this aesthetic to life as it creates a lived-in element.

How to Incorporate Mid-Century Modern into your home

When it comes to mid-century modern, the prominent detail is the wood element. Creating the right room arrangement to expose this detail needs soft-hued fabrics with neutral walls. Subtlety is key when it comes to this interior design style. Tweed is another material that is often used for chairs that adds a textured touch to the clean lines that encompass this design aesthetic. Embrace tapered tables and chair legs, clean lines and above all comfort. For your living room; bold colors such as Pumpkin Orange, Avocado Green, and Mustard Yellow can augment the vibrance of your space. For example, our By-Boo Belle Amber Velvet Dining Chair can accentuate your dining room area while giving priority to comfort.

Mid-Century Patterns

From Abstract to Geometric, Mid-Century Modern incorporates a lot of patterns for an artistic element that are eye-catching. Popular options for displaying these patterns are accessories like throw pillows, lamp shades, and picture frames. However, patterns are not solely used for accessories but with furniture as well. Our By-Boo Jaffar Round Wooden Inlay Coffee Table has a floral pattern adorned on top that gives the living room some characteristic.