Luxury At It's Finest
Dutch Furniture creates an interior concept that is built around furniture, home accessories, and interior textiles. Our brand specializes in Mid-Century Modern and Industrial Furniture Designs. We deliver a beautiful compilation of Dutch Brands that have been carefully curated to bring a lavish European Luxury experience like no other. 

Seeking European brands here in the U.S. can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Luxury Furnitures sources these brands that aren’t in the market yet, creating the opportunity to bring a fresh and unique look to your interior. Luxury comes at a high-cost, but we bring more affordable options to the table. Our collection has over 2,000 items and we are consistently updating our inventory on a daily basis.

One of our brands is called Eleonora. Established in 1994,  this dutch furniture brand has a broad collection that changes every season. Eleonora has the latest in industrial, Scandinavian, and vintage furniture to keep in touch with your contemporary or modern furniture needs. During a charity trip to Romania in the nineties, Willem Schakel met a girl called Eleonora. She took him to her parents’ furniture workshop. Willem instantly fell in love with the furniture. He decided to invest in the company and import the furniture to the Netherlands. He called the company Eleonora! Today, 25 years on, the love of furniture is still strong. 


Another distinctive Dutch brand we have is called By-Boo. Ultra stylish and cool, this brand packs on a twist on many current trends in furniture and accessory items. Unique items that inspire eclectic and diverse taste in interior design, By-Boo pushes the envelope on what is considered conventional. Like Eleonora, they have a wide-range of contemporary and modern styles to fit your needs. So whether it’s that unique Bohemian wall hanger, the black industrial table lamp, that crazy steel bug on a peg, that printed exotic screen of bamboo, a stack of colorful cushions or a moss green velvet lounge chair, By-Boo always knows how to surprise. The day before yesterday. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. And in the future.


Award winning Dutch brand Zuiver is also a featured brand on our website. According to Zuiver’s philosophy, “tomorrow’s design is today’s interior.” This is evident with their fashion forward accessories and interior collection. Generating a futuristic design that can compete with other contemporary brands, Zuiver brings innovation in their approach to furniture.