If you burn for a slower form of living, the cottagecore design movement is a trend that will fuel your inner fire. Cottagecore is a romanticized way of life. Here, you create spaces that are set for making memories. It celebrates foraging, baking, and all things handmade- embracing the concept that good things take time. Cottagecore is intentional about choosing objects representing uniqueness and redefining the meaning of "home."


Find unique ways of portraying the outdoors with muted colors and warm yellows. This artisan-style embraces both the modern and vintage. Adopting techniques from its counterpart, grandmillennial chic, cottagecore embraces the old and new, decorating with the old but always moving forward. 

Choosing objects with a story is vital. Woven items, leather, or wood are textures that cultivate a cottagecore lifestyle. Warm neutral colors provide a sense of comfort that perfectly suits this design style. Dried floral arrangements are indicative of time and the outdoors, giving a sense of calmness and clean color palette that is ideal for the cottagecore interior. 


Playing with pattern is a great way to indulge in this style while you simultaneously play with textures. It is a more adventurous style, pulling in eclectic mementos and beautiful floral motifs. This dreamy interior loves yellows and whites. The ideals soft core home is full of memories, delicate textures, and antique objects that make unique statements.