Think of a sunny summer day in the country. The intensity of the sun outside shining through the trees, folk music playing in another room nearby, and the rustic feel of a country home. Modern country homes are about combining the rugged, familial style of a country home and elevating it to become a clean, more contemporary look. This interior design trend combines rural living & chic farmhouse spaces. 


Cotton & Leather

It utilizes a unique mix of elements from different styles, including the vintage and industrial. This is a more relaxed and natural country design. For a clean, rugged look, be sure there is a balance in design and materials. Cotton and leather are great ways to play into a country feel that is more modern. Use cotton accents and linen-like textures. Pair this with a leather sofa for a classic feel and add white cotton throws. 

Mixed Metals

What once was considered taboo, is now seen as modern and contemporary.  Push boundaries with your interiors and play with different metals, and remember to utilize their tones to create a space that is unique and pleasing to the eye. This is the best way to add texture and rustic styles to an interior. Brass and silver are a great combination where you combine both warm and cool colors. 




Wicker & Wood 

Natural textures such as wood, jute, and wicker add a great energy to your home. The woven nature of rattan pieces have character and a vintage feel. Organic texture is an important part of an interior. These materials are light and still leave a space feeling open yet also have a calming presence. 

Surround yourself with large greens and enjoy your life out in the country this summer. It is time to lay low and enjoy your clean lines, easygoing style, and refreshing season. A contemporary take on a space meant to have an antique style is exciting. Find your niche within the country interior.