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Welcome to Dutch Furniture! 

Dutch Furniture was created with the intention of offering you the most exciting, modern, unique products sourced from the Netherlands.

Here, you can find furniture, lighting, and decor with new products being put up every day!

Dutch Furniture features an assortment of luxurious furniture and lighting brands that are dominating the US and European industry today.

Innovative Dutch brands that offer a modern and contemporary aesthetic are included in our collection. We bring eclectic and stylish products to the table, that can refresh your space or make a lovely addition to your home. Brands like Eleonora, By-Boo, Zuiver, Dutchbone, Bold Monkey, Pols Potten, and more produce beautiful furniture pieces that make for a combination of comfort and style. 

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Our collection is innovation at its finest. We bring emphasis to fashion forward designs that have a perfect balance of style and comfort.
These furniture pieces bring excitement to any room you wish to adorn them in. Looking for the right furniture pieces can be stressful, but due to our growing catalogue it can facilitate your decision. 


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DF works with interior designers, architects, developers and the hospitality industry to bring your home closer to your dream landscape. With expert design advice, we can bring your vision for your interiors to life as well assist in bringing innovation to your space with our Trade Program. We invite all designers, architects, GC, developers, & hospitality procurement companies to join us in creating a desired home and atmosphere. 
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Our team is always ready to assist with any questions about the products on our website. Whether it be a question on design, availability, or price we are immediately at your disposal. The delivery process can be confusing to some, we pride ourselves with being as transparent as possible with any question to this area as well. Whether it be via email or phone, never hesitate to contact us.