Summer Trend: Shades of Green
Green is becoming the neutral that grounds many interior color palettes, from sage to emerald, forest green, and numerous lovely tints in between. It represents nature, tranquility, and abundance. This luscious color signifies the emergence of comfortable and serene home design, as well as the wholesome simplicity of being in nature.

With the latest Collection of Dutch Furniture from brands that value modernity and great style like Zuiver, Pols Potten and By-Boo, you can spice up your interior with touches of tropical elegance.
furniture green color trend

Stylish Ways To Use Shades of Green In Interior Design

Add Lush Faux Plants For A Breezy Vibe.
Green is a relaxing color; incorporating decorative plants into the design will take the effect a notch higher. Make your interior flourish with this Faux Green Leafy Tree or this Green Decorative Tropical Plants both from Silk-ka.

Bring In Modern Decors For Finishing Touches.
Don’t forget to sprinkle some fun and chic decor pieces in your homes. This Green Decorative Vase Set (4) by Pols Potten adds a fashionable character to a room. Fill those vases up with Stone Green Flowers Decor by Bold Monkey and your home is ready to wow your guests. Elevate your home office with this Green Task Desk Lamp by Dutchbone and Green Peg Board Organizer by Zuiver.

Use Eye-Popping Green Furniture.
Take advantage of furniture pieces that are not only durable and functional but also have the decorative flair to pass as a focal point in a modern room. Imagine how this Green Lacquered Accent Stool or this Olive Green Contemporary Boucle Sofa by Pols Potten will turn your living room area into the most luxurious haven. Now these Green Velvet Dining Chairs by Dutchbone will make you and your guests feel like a royalty.

Green is a sublime color and we hope you don’t miss out on the chance to hop on this elegant interior design trend this summer 2022. Now is the best time to revamp your home or workplace!

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