Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian lifestyle is one that has become the modern version of "The American Dream." In Scandinavia, its inhabitants live by Friluftsliv, which translated means "open air living." This term was coined in the 1950s and has come to stay and become their way of life. It is all about spending time outdoors and providing self care for yourself. Improving your mental, physical, and spiritual well being is imperative to living a happy life. There is no better time of the year to invest your free time into the outdoors other than now. 

How can you incorporate this into your life? It can be as simple as opening the windows to let in some fresh air, or letting the natural light into your space. Go for a walk during your lunch break or put a plant on your desk. Small changes make a big impact. Friluftsliv is so engrained in the Scandinavian culture that that many businesses give their employees the afternoons off to be outdoors working on themselves.  

The Scandinavian design principles are just as alluring as the lifestyle. Practice minimalism and intentionality in your space. Every piece of furniture must serve a purpose and have its place. It's practical, clean, and simple. The items are bought to last! Working with these principles pushes you to live serenely and calmly. Much of the Scandinavian design style involves the use of pastel colors, grays, and wood.

Remember to be precise with your choices and have only what you feel you truly need. The harsh environment of Scandinavia has pushed people to be innovative and practical about their interiors. Open air living is involved in their designs, using natural light and clean spaces. Live clean, browse our "Open Air Living" collection, and live as the Scandinavians do. 


S  H  O  P    O  P  E  N    A  I  R    L  I  V  I  N  G 



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