modern outdoor furniture
Outdoor living is no longer limited to occasional social gatherings. It is becoming part of our every day routine. With modern furniture designed to withstand the changing seasons, families and homeowners are able to enjoy a cozy backyard, outdoor patio or balcony more often throughout the year.

The Dutch Furniture features top brands such as Zuiver, Dutchbone, Woood and BePureHome to provide modern outdoor furniture that are worth every penny, not just for their great style but for their quality.

Here are Top 3 Modern Outdoor Trends of 2022

Using Eco-Friendly Furniture. Choose natural materials that are also known for their longevity. This Acacia Round Table, Wooden Stool and Rattan Outdoor Dining Chair from Woood are stylish and long-wearing. Incorporating sustainability in your home by using wooden furniture makes you feel really in touch with nature, building your outdoor fortress while partaking in the movement of saving the planet.

Neutral Colors. This color palette is a timeless outdoor trend and matches with a variety of designs like modern, minimalist and Scandi look. The simple, calming hues allow the landscape and surroundings to take the limelight. Incorporate this Gray Garden Table or Nude Molded Barrel Chair in your outdoor space for a clean and stylish exterior design.

Add Accent Pieces. Incorporating artful pieces in your outdoor living space bounds to impress both you and your guests! Throw in some decors! This Wooden Stub Side Table by Pols Potten is quirky and organic-looking. Check out this Rattan Rocking Chair, just add some bold-colored cushions and you’re ready for a chill Sunday afternoon.

Take a look at Dutch Furniture’s unique furniture and decors to inspire your creativity and start revamping your outdoor living area.

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