Established in 1994, the dutch furniture brand called Eleonora has a broad collection that changes every season. Eleonora has the latest in industrial, Scandinavian, and vintage furniture to keep in touch with your contemporary or modern furniture needs.

Ultra stylish and cool, By-Boo packs on a twist on many current trends in furniture and accessory items. Unique items straight from the Netherlands that inspire eclectic and diverse taste in interior design, By-Boo pushes the envelope on what is considered conventional.

Check out these cool all new pieces from By-Boo and Eleonora!



The Chariot from By-Boo is a Round Rattan Coffee Table that brings a summer warmth to your interiors. Rattan is used for outdoor furniture and can be long lasting in different temperatures. However, this Coffee table can be diverse in it's use.

Featuring a weaved rattan border, this stunning handcrafted cocktail table brings a natural taste and cottage touch with the alluring appeal, adding upscale class to your living quarters. Boasting round tabletop with ample space it is an ideal place to display fresh flowers, magazines, or other decorative items, making a vintage and stylish statement in your living room.

Bring an innovative quality into your space with the By-Boo Snitch. This Gold Tucan Table lamp is a charming treat that stands out amongst the new products featured on Dutch Furniture. It can work as a centerpiece or can be functional in it's use as a table lamp. Decorative and stylish, this table lamp can wow guests and family alike.

Enhance your space with the Eleonora Charles, a Gold Metal Coffee Table that can spruce up your dining room area. This Coffee Table has is light in size and can hold decorative pieces as well.

The Eleonora Madison is an Acacio Natural Wooden Dresser that not only fits storage but also enhances your space in a stylish way. Incorporate the rustic feel with a hint of the modern aesthetic with this dresser. A hit amongst colleagues, friends, or family!

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