Nothing compares to having an outdoor sanctuary just outside your home, whether it be a lovely patio, a backyard garden, or a little balcony in your apartment. Regardless of the type of area you have to work with, the perfect furniture, lighting, and accessories can elevate your space into a cozy outdoor oasis that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Outdoor living is starting to blend into our daily lives. We all love drenching in the luxurious feel of nature without having to travel or shed our hard-earned moolah. With this in mind, Dutch Furniture presents the All Outdoor Collection featuring fashionable and weather-proof outdoor pieces created by modern brands such as Fatboy, Riviera Maison, Zuiver, Dutchbone, and more.

3 Quick Tips For Designing A Modern Outdoor Space 

1. Decide Your Aesthetic.
 Make sure that your home's style flows harmoniously from the inside to the outside. You don't want to feel like you're in someone else's backyard when you walk out to your outdoor living space.
Whether you choose a contemporary, minimalist, or classic aesthetic, the Paletti outdoor lounge set by Fatboy and Breeze outdoor sofa by Zuiver has enough versatility to complement different styles. 

2. Choose The Right Furniture.  Take time in choosing your seating and tables so that they offer not just style but also quality and comfort.

The Classic cushioned hanging chair by Rivièra Maison and Original + Rock 'n Roll Explore bean bag by Fatboy make a cozy spot for a luxurious afternoon wind down. Also, explore pieces made with different materials like the rope armchair Puerto Rico and the wicker garden chair La Marina, the Metsu outdoor table, or the Antigua teak garden table.

3. Elevate the Coziness. Your outdoor haven should make you feel relaxed and comfortable as much as your interior does. Make it cozy by adding cushions, lighting pieces, and statement carpets!

Discover stylish and weather-resistant area rugs like the vintage-style Coventry carpet or the Crisscross carpet by Zuiver.

Head over to our All Outdoor Collection for more trendy outdoor pieces!
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