Create Your Dream Home
Home is where you can be freely and fully you. It's where little pockets of memories are created that you can look back on with your loved ones. It’s a sanctuary that is meant to foster love, comfort and calmness.

We tend to be swayed by all the trends that we see on influencers’ pages and magazine covers that we end up feeling overwhelmed and decision fatigued. Pause for a while. We’re here to guide and remind you to enjoy this journey of creating a home that you’ll love.

When it comes to home furnishings, Dutch Furniture has decades of experience in understanding the need of homeowners for cozy, stylish and durable pieces. As such, Dutch Furniture features its exclusive collection from Amsterdam based interior brand Riviera Maison to make designing your home a lot more fun and easy!

3 Easy Steps To Create Your Dream Home

Step 1. Visualize Your Ideal Space.
An inspiring home doesn’t stop at aesthetics but also serves you with the right function and feel. This step is where you ask yourself what do you really want and need. List three things that would describe your dream home. Is it elegant, cozy and modern? Or perhaps you want a space that is clean, minimalist and calming. What are your and your family’s hobbies? Describe your lifestyle and personality. Remember that your home reflects you so it should feel authentic to you.

Check out this Set of Modular Coffee Tables or this Rustic TV Unit by Rivièra Maison - functional pieces that are all oozing with such charm for a warm and welcoming home.

Step 2. Focus On Quality.
Now that you’ve taken your time to delve into what you ultimately desire for your home, you should focus on investing in quality pieces that are made to last. Don’t rush into buying items that are too trendy and cheap. Be intentional. Every item tells a story or serves a function that is personal to you.

Look for furniture with durable material, timeless color and design,  like this Upholstered Swivel Chair or this Classic Wooden Dining Table which are versatile and meticulously crafted to last beyond fleeting trends.

Step 3. Add Statement Pieces And Finishing Touches.
Time for the icing on the cake! This step is essential for making your home visually inspiring and wow-worthy. The details and accents help define the room or make the design more put together.

Beautiful lighting is the best accessory that adds an interesting element to a room. Check out this Modern Rattan Hanging Lamp by Rivièra Maison for some cool inspo.
Please don’t forget to take your time and have fun in the process! Also, browse our Rivièra Maison Collection for premium quality pieces for your dream home.
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