Bold and Beautiful
Eclectic and Innovative, Bold Monkey is a breath of fresh air to behold. Take a few vibrant colors and pair it with unique designs, you have yourself a force to be reckoned with. Bringing a luxurious feel to your interiors with an effortless appeal that can generate for eye-catching pieces within your home. The name Bold Monkey expresses a keane eye for the extraordinary and pushes the envelope when it comes to modern and contemporary pieces.

Meet Bold Monkey's design team
We're a team of Dutch interior design lovers with a penchant for things that are a little left of centre. Led by Richard Halberstadt, who's been in the furniture design biz for over 20 years, Bold Monkey embodies a flamboyant, eccentric aesthetic.

Exotic Mystique
Bring an exotic flavor to your home with the Tiger Coffee Table. Impressionable in it's execution, this table highlights a color coated resin panther that holds a tempered glass and flourishes as a unique piece within your interiors. Being that it is a limited edition product, having only 1,000 being made worldwide, this table is innovative in design and style.

Dream a little
Embrace the quirky! and enhance your interiors with the Lazy Day Dreamer. It's velvet upholstery and curved backrest make for a unique design that add a touch of comfort with an effortless unique aesthetic. 


Perfect Pedestal
Add a dash of elegance to your interiors with this Pedestal Side Table from Bold Monkey. The Bold Monkey Chunky Footed is rooted with quirk and style. This side table could make for a finishing touch to any living room or bedroom setting. Pair this side table with any decorative vase or simply on it's own and you have yourself a luxurious atmosphere within your space.


Vivacious Velvet
What is a home without an accent chair to spruce up your living arrangement? Create a luxurious and modern atmosphere with the Bold Monkey Don't Love me accent chair.




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