Below Sea Level Collection
Let us explore the depths of the ocean with our Below Sea Level Collection. Imagine your own modern deep sea oasis. Add touches of mystery by incorporating velvety blues and rich textures to your home. Indulge in natural lighting and unique accents. Simple additions to your space can transport you into the deep blue sea. 
Dutch Furniture | Below Sea Level Collection

T A K E   M E   T O  T H E   S E A

Dutch Furniture | Underwater Collection





Ocean Hues 

The sea is calling, so sink in and incorporate blue tones into your space. Don't let the blue take over, but rather allow it to complement your interior instead. Allow white to dominate the space, creating room for your blue accents to be well noted and appreciated.




Dutch Furniture | Below Sea Level Collection





Arched Ceilings & Natural Light

Curved archways inside your home creates a softer environment, and gives the feeling of a rounder space. Try to stray away from warm, orange lighting and lean into natural light seeping in from the windows. This adds a clean feel to an already inviting space. 


Dutch Furniture | Pols Potten

Rustic Wood & Metals
Shiny objects can be found in the mysterious depths down below. Incorporate hidden accent metals using home decor and small accent stools for an ocean treasure. Utilize textured wood for a more rustic touch to your home. Instead of adding ocean life designs and using a literal interpretation of an underwater life, create your own dreamscapes with accents inspired by the big blue.





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